Changing my password

This article will show you how to change your password. If you suspect that your account has been compromised, you can change your password and logout of all devices with an active session.

Data recovery

Here you can see applicants and applications that are set to be deleted from the system. When you recently deleted an applicant in error, you may be able to recover their account from here. Otherwise, applicants listed here will be deleted irrecoverably every night. Note that deleting an applicant will […]

Data Emergency

DreamApply is built to ensure that the personal data of applicants is always safe. However, if the impossible has still happened, this page will guide you through some of the things you can immediately do yourself before contacting support. This article will show you how to use the Data Emergency […]

Right to be forgotten

The right to be forgotten enables applicants to request deletion of their accounts. Once the applicant has selected the option to delete his or her account, a list of all the applicants pending confirmation for deletion will appear in under the Data Protection menu, Right to be forgotten submenu. This […]

Data purging

In order to meet your data protection requirements, it may be needed to purge all applications pertaining to a particular academic term. For example, after the admission period for an academic term is over, applicants data may  no longer be required and therefore need to be purged. This page will […]

Issue new access code for an applicant

It is possible to issue new credentials for an applicant in case they have lost control of their accounts or forgotten their access codes and need assistance. Applicants can also select I forgot my code option when they want to sign in to receive a new access code. To audit […]

General Data Protection Regulation

This article will give you an overview of the features in the DreamApply Data Protection menu. This menu provides you necessary tools required to comply with EU GDPR regulations that enter into force in May 2018. To learn more about GDPR, you can visit the following pages and


This feature allows you to create custom tables of applicant information. This tutorial gives you and overview of the Tables menu and the different option available.


DreamApply Reports feature all data in your platform in the form of raw data as well as tables, charts and graphs. All reports are exportable as Excel or CSV files.

Setting up the Series for your invoices

Setting up the Series for your invoices Series allow you to number and group your invoices. These numbers or codes can be configured from the Finance  menu, select Series submenu. Select + Add a new series if you wish to create a new one or click on the tool icon […]