(Applications) Tasks

Tasks page under the section Applications allows you to get a detailed view of all applicants who have chosen specific Statuses in all the Tasks used through out the system.


Rules engine under Automation > Rules is a powerful tool that allows you to automate different actions that occur through out the system. The automations include: Creating tasks, adding trackers, adding/removing flags, freezing/unfreezing applicant data and if you have the Scoring and Video Interview add ons, adding applications to scoresheets […]


Under Applications > Rankings you can get a quick glance of the number of offers you have in each status. Left of the vertical line you can see statuses that are either still pending or have been eliminated entirely. The right side of the graph, however, represents the number of […]


Intelligence is an add on that allows to check and automatically detect any irregularities between the uploaded passports and data inserted into the application. Intelligence also screens passport expiration data and collects the information.


What are scoresheets? You can automatically add applicants to different scoresheets. For example you might have a scoresheet for each department and perhaps another scoresheet for online interviews. This allows you to score all incoming applicants in one place. Furthermore, you can share the scoresheet to the person responsible for […]

Revert Withdrawn status

Applicants can withdraw their applications if they have changed their minds and no longer want to apply. Then the application goes to withdrawn status. Sometimes applicants might request to have their withdrawn applications reverted. You can do that on administrator side when you click on the little tool icon in […]

Video Interview

Interviews is an add on feature that allows you to create different interview scenarios and send the video interviews to applicants in various ways. It can be one by one, in bulk or using a Task rule. Video interview makes evaluating applicants easier as you don’t need to schedule actual […]