Video Interview Add on

Interviews is a add on feature that allows you to create different interview scenarios and send the video interviews to applicants in various ways. It can be one by one, in bulk or using a Task rule. Video interview makes evaluating applicants easier as you don’t need to schedule actual […]

Administrator signature and autograph

An administrator signature can be thought of like an email signature. It is text that is chosen to be used repeatedly to identify the administrator who created the document. Some suggested details to be included are name, position, and any other identifying information that is desired. This preselected text can […]

How to add mandatory blocks into Appforms?

In the following appform fields you can determine how many education blocks are mandatory for the applicant: Education, Languages, Career, Activities, Residence. The number of blocks determined in the appform will be shown for the applicant automatically

DreamApply Privacy Policy guidelines

This guideline describes the information that  the DreamApply system gathers about the applicant, how this personal information is used, processed and disclosed. Also the steps taken to protect this information. This guideline can be used to incorporate into your institution’s Privacy Policy. The management of the Applicant Data is subject […]

DreamApply updates and GDPR changes

In this post we will give you an overview of the new features in the DreamApply Data Protection menu and of some other changes. The Data Protection menu provides you with necessary tools required to comply with EU GDPR regulations. To learn more about the EU GDPR and what it […]

How to use Kiosk

After you have created a Kiosk campaign in DreamApply, you can download or open the DreamKiosk app either on iPad or Android. Read about how to create a Kiosk campaign HERE