DreamApply updates and GDPR changes

In this post we will give you an overview of the new features in the DreamApply Data Protection menu and of some other changes. The Data Protection menu provides you with necessary tools required to comply with EU GDPR regulations.

To learn more about the EU GDPR and what it means, you can visit the following pages: EUGDPR.org and ec.europa.eu.

What is new in the Data Protection Menu?

With this release we are introducing 4 new features under the Data Protection menu:

  • to be forgottenenables applicants to request deletion of their accounts. Deletion request needs to be confirmed by the university administrator.
  • Data purging helps to delete all applications pertaining to a particular academic term at once.
  • Data recovery Mistakenly deleted applicant accounts can be recovered within a short period of time.
  • Emergency is designed to guide you to the appropriate help articles in case any data emergency situation such as an applicant code being leaked or the applicant losing control of their account.

We want to emphasise that these features should only be made accessible for those administrators who are the main system users. By default all superusers have access to all Data Protection features with the exception of Multi Institution system superusers. Please review the Help articles for each new feature before using them and make sure that all admin rights have been set properly to avoid unauthorised data purging.

NEW! Issue new applicant code for applicants

It is now possible to issue new credentials for an applicant in case they have lost control of their accounts or forgotten their access codes and need assistance. Applicants can also select I forgot my code option when they want to sign in to receive a new access code.

FIXED! Browse filters are no longer resetting back to default

We received feedback that in the Browse menu filtering was resetting to default system settings and made it inconvenient to use filtering. We have investigated the reasons behind that and fixed the issue!

Help articles are now inside DreamApply

Help article links have been added within the DreamApply system to support your daily activities. This new feature makes it easier to quickly find responses to most DreamApply related questions.

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