DreamApply updates – new features added

Greetings from the DreamApply team. We hope the new year has started well. This newsletter introduces some new features that  will help you get your work done even more efficiently in 2018.

NEW: Data Protection Menu

You will  find a new menu on the left side bar forData Protection. This change helps to organise all Terms and Conditions, data protection related topics and helps you access the necessary information in one place.

In the upcoming months we will add more pages under the Data protection menu to comply with the GDPR changes that enter into force in May this year.

You can find more information about each new submenu under Data Protection in our Help articles.

NEW: Filter Administrators

You can now filter administrators based on the administrator roles and account validity. This makes it easier to navigate in the system administrator list, also to delete or change accounts and settings for the administrators.

Auditing Administrator permissions got easier

Audit permissions is an option which you can choose to activate or deactivate by clicking on the slider, which will become blue when activated. This function allows you to get a quick overview of the specific permissions each administrator has within the system.

Applicant ID now visible for applicant

Applicants can now easily find their applicant ID when they sign into their accounts.

They will be able to access their applicant ID by clicking on their name and the ID will be displayed.

NOTE! Applicant ID can’t be used to sign into the applicant account.

While contacting admission offices applicants can let you know their applicant ID and you will easily be able to search in the search bar for that applicant with their code.

No email or applicant name necessary. This is very useful in case there are several students with the same name.

Now if you insert a link and would like it to open on a different tab, you can select the link icon and type _blank in the field Target. This will open the link on a new tab.

Release notes

We are improving DreamApply every day by having continuous bug fixes and enhancements. You will find more information about specific changes and fixes in the DreamApply release notes.

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