Adding programmes to an application

Sometimes, it is necessary to add or remove programmes from an application. This can be done following the steps listed in this tutorial.

1. Find the student

Find the student whose application you wish to modify. You can do so from the search bar, browse menu or journal. Then click on View to open the application.

2. Edit as an applicant

Once you click on view, select the option Edit as an applicant.

3. Add a programme

In the Priorities tab, find the +Add a course search bar. Type in the name of the course (4 characters minimum) and a list of courses that match the text will be displayed. Select the desired course from the list.

4. Edit priorities or remove the programme

If you wish to remove a programme, click on the delete icon located at the left side of the programme’s name. If you wish to reorder the priorities, click on the arrows to move them up or down.


5. Save changes and submit

Once all the changes are finalized, click on Save changes and Submit if the application is ready to be submitted.

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