Administrator signature and autograph

An administrator signature can be thought of like an email signature. It is text that is chosen to be used repeatedly to identify the administrator who created the document. Some suggested details to be included are name, position, and any other identifying information that is desired.

This preselected text can be used in templates by using the content marker: %administrator-signature%

Administrator autograph – In addition to this signature there is also the option of uploading an image of an actual signature (autograph). The dimensions of your autograph are up to the user to determine for themselves according to preference, but a good rule of thumb is that the height dimension should be around 60 pixels. Depending on the signature the length could vary. Therefore, when resizing the image before uploading, first determine what height is desired and then proportionally adjust the width.

This image can be inserted into a template by using the content marker %administrator-autograph%

How to add signature or autograph to the administrator profile?

1) Click on your administrator name.

2) Click on My settings.

3) Scroll down to the Signature part in the Personal details section and enter the signature text.

4) Additionally you can upload a file with your hand written signature.

Administrator Autograph sample

The dimensions of image used in the sample below are 224 x 63

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