Applicant ID

The applicant ID feature allows applicants to easily locate their applicant ID within their profile. This is helpful when communicating with applicants, as it allows them to indicate which is their applicant ID so you can search for them easily within the system. So, how does is work?

Applicant side

The applicants will be able to access their applicant ID by clicking on their name (1), their applicant ID (2) will be displayed.

Administrator side

Using the applicant ID makes locating the applicant easier for you.

When receiving an email from an applicant, you can ask that they include their applicant ID to identify themselves. Say for example, several John Test are registered within your system like in the example applicant in this tutorial, then you can search by applicant ID in the quick search bar to locate the correct applicant without having to go through all candidates with the same name.









Enter the applicant ID in the search bar (1) and there you go! The applicant ID is a unique identifier, therefore only the applicant whose profile corresponds to that specific ID will turn up in your search result.

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