Content markers

Content markers are elements, that help you automate content generation and minimise manual data insertion. You can recognise the content markers by the “%” symbol next to the marker, e.g. “%administrator-signature%”. Each content marker is designed to bring up specific data from the application, programme or system in general.

Content markers and Templates go hand in hand. While templates determine the standard format of information and guidelines shown in specific parts the system, the content markers – if used correctly – will be replaced with the data they are designed to bring up. The text in templates and the information behind content markers will then form a coherent and personal message. The major role of content markers is to personalise the content brought out by templates.

Locating content markers

  1. Navigate to Settings on Main menu
  2. Click on Templates
  3. Content markers can be found within different templates

Where do content markers (not) work?

Content markers function only in the templates for which they are designed for. Take a close look at the template in hand and limit the use of content markers to the markers indicated above the template field (1).

When used in places they were not designed for, a content marker will likely remain in the odd format, marked with “%” symbols, instead of bringing up information. For instance, content markers designed for Referee-related templates do not function in the offer-related context. For example, instead of bringing up applicant name “John”, the content marker %applicant-nameFirst% will remain as “%applicant-nameFirst%” within the text, if not used in the designated template.

Content markers for Export documents

Using content markers within generic export documents can save a lot of time and effort when generating Acceptance letters, Learning agreements or other documents in DreamApply system directly, using the applicant and programme data, which is already in the system.

To create your own Export documents, navigate to left menu section: Settings – Export profiles. Within each profile, there is a template created for this Export profile, which is for the body of the export document. The template can be later accessed under Settings – Templates as well as Settings – Export profiles, by selecting the specific profile you wish to edit.

Export profiles have a specific list of content markers, which can be used within to generate the documents. Content markers for your use in the Export profiles can be found HERE.

NB! The content markers listed above are designed for template-based export documents, and should NOT be used in parts of the system (other templates), which they are not designed for. In case of doubt, please consult DreamApply Support, whether the content marker should be used.

New content markers

The list of possible content markers for export documents and other content markers is not exhaustive. In case a specific content marker is needed, kindly consult the Setup manager or DreamApply Support regarding this possibility.

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