Data purging

In order to meet your data protection requirements, it may be needed to purge all applications pertaining to a particular academic term. For example, after the admission period for an academic term is over, applicants data may  no longer be required and therefore need to be purged. This page will help you achieve that.

If there are any applications you wish to postpone for next year, you can individually put them under a different term before carrying out this action.

CAUTION: Actions carried out in this menu must be thoroughly reviewed before execution. Data recovery will only be possible during a short period after which the data will be physically deleted and recovery won’t be possible. Remember, these tools allow the system to be compliant with GDPR and any actions you take will be solely your responsibility. Please verify the roles of your administrators and make sure these options are only available to Superusers or those authorised to take such decisions. DreamApply is not responsible for someone selecting this option.

Data protection menu

Data purging

Select the term or terms you wish to purge from the system. Click Continue.

Review and confirm

Review the request carefully. If you are sure, select Permanently delete this applications.

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