Tutorial on Exchange management & Partner access

This tutorial will tackle the exchange management system advantages on DreamApply student admission platform.

  • The special access enables more efficient cooperation between the partner university and the hosting university. It also enables to keep the contact details of the partner institutions up to date.
  • The partner institutions will have a full overview of the exchange applicants 24/7 and the platform allows to keep all the paperwork in one place.


  1. What is partner access?
  2. What can I do with partner access?
    1. Monitor incoming and outgoing applications
    2. Download applications to continue managing them according to your usual workflow
    3. Nominate outgoing applications
    4. Providing self-service access for your colleagues


What is partner access?

Partner access is a special simplified view of exchange applications granted to individuals who are added as contact persons of a partner institution. This access is sent via an automatically generated direct access link to the email address of the contact person. A partner institution can have multiple contact persons with equal access rights.

The access link opens the institution page, from where you can access the incoming and outgoing applications (1) edit your institution details (2), departments (3) and contact persons (4) who have the same partner access as you.

What can I do with partner access?


1. Monitor incoming and outgoing applications

The partner access is made as simple as possible so you wouldn’t need to spend much time on it. You don’t need to constantly check there for new applications, as you will get an automatic email notification if a new incoming or outgoing application is waiting for your attention. To change which email addresses receive notifications of new applications, change the contact persons of your institution.

Here’s how to view your applications – After selecting “Incoming” or “Outgoing”, select the study term (1) and click “Reload” (2) to see applications submitted for that study term.

To view an application in detail, click the “View” button (3).

To nominate your outgoing applicant to one of your partners, click the “Click to reply” button (4).

2. Download applications to continue managing them according to your usual workflow

After clicking the “View” button you can export the application together with all added documents as a PDF and/or print it out so that you can keep on managing it using your current paper-based or online process of managing applications, hopefully sparing the applicant from applying twice through different systems.

The video and audio files added by applicants are playable online straight from the application view shown above. If the applicant used the option to upload these files to the application or into some file management service, then you can download them if that is required by your current process.

3. Nominate outgoing applications

Let your partner know you approve of your students application by nominating them – After clicking “Click to reply” you can set your students application to the Nominated status (1), write a letter to the applicant (2), attach documents (3) and write notes about the applicant to the receiving coordinator (4).

After saving your changes you will see how the “Click to reply” button changed to Nominated. When your partner will process this application, it will change further to Feedback, Accepted, Rejected or other statuses that will let you see how your students application is progressing through their acceptance process.

4. Providing self-service access for your colleagues

If you wish your colleagues to have partner access similar to what you have, you may proceed as follows:

  1. On Welcome page, start by locating the section Contact persons.
  2. Click on Add a contact.

“Add a new contact” page opens. Next:

  1. Fill in the name
  2. Fill in the e-mail address
  3. Filling phone and role fields is optional, but recommended
  4. Keep the “provide self-service” box filled
  5. Press Save changes and the welcome mail is sent to your colleague automatically

Should you need to re-send the access link to your colleague, simply open the settings of the contact person and click to re-send the access link to email address.


To conclude …

We hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If you have feedback or questions, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]

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