Generating API keys

This article will provide you the information needed for you to generate API keys and finding resources within the API menu such as the API manual.

Entering API menu

1. Open the System menu

2. Select API option

The API screen options

The following screen will appear when selecting API in the System menu. This screen presents different options to manage your API keys.

1. The list of all your API  keys hows the first four characters of the API keys generated in your system.

2. It is possible to revoke API keys in this menu.

3. Issue a new API allows you to generate a new key when needed.

4. API manual and PHP SDK are resources available on this screen regarding API keys.

Generating a new API key

1. By selecting Issue a new API key, the following screen wil appear.

2. It is necessary for you to enter your administrator password.

View and hide your API keys

Your new API key will appear as shown in the image below.

1. Please store the API key securely

2. Then select Done hide the key.

Revoke API key

To revoke an API key:

1. Select option Revoke next to the API key you wish to revoke.

2. Enter full API key that you wish to revoke.

3. Select OK to save your changes.

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