How can I migrate an applicant to a different term?

It might be that the applicant has initially chosen a different term than the one in which the applicant starts the studies after the admission period. Thus, it would be handy to show on the application, which is the true term indicating the start of the studies for the applicant.

Open the application of the applicant you want to migrate, for example by typing in the name in the search box in the upper bar. The search box is on every page except the opening page.

In the application view, click on the academic term.

In the opening menu choose the term you wish to migrate to.

This opens a confirmation box. Click on “OK” to finalise.

Note that this change is only possible when the terms are fully set up with the support of DreamApply. “Commence year” is present in the systems as a part of the old terminology (referring to the calendar year) and it is desirable to have only the correct terms set up as a part of academic year.

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