How can the applicant retrieve the applicant code (password)?

Every applicant gets an applicant code when signing up. The signup page is accessible through the “Become an applicant” button (1) in the top right corner. Next to it is the applicant sign in button (2).

The applicant is first shown (and told to write down) the code after having entered personal data in the signup page. The code is also sent to the system mailbox (3) and to the email provided in the signup page.

How to get a new code?

If the code is lost or compromised, it can be revoked and a new one sent to the email provided in the personal details.

To revoke the code the applicant must first open the applicant login page and click on “Problems logging in?” (4).

Then the applicant must type in the email address (5) that was provided in the personal details and copy the characters below (6) to show he/she is not a bot. Then click continue (7).

A link is sent to the email address. Following the link the applicant revokes the code and will see a new code. The code is also sent in an email and to the system mailbox.


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