How do I change the term of an application?

Follow these steps to change the term of an application:

1) Select Applications from the left hand side menu and select the submenu Browse

2) Find the application by either searching for a name in the search bar or browsing through the middle menu (Applicant progress, Offers and replies, Applicant decision, Tasks, Flags)

3) One you’ve found the application, click on the colourful¬†status bar under the name of the applicant and select the correct term.

4) This will open up a confirmation window – confirm the descision by clicking OK.

How to find the application

To find the application, open up the Applications (1) menu and select the Browse (2) submenu.

Find the application!

To find the application, you can either search for the name of the applicant in the search bar (3) or browse throught the middle menu (4) (this divides applicants by the status of their application, opens up when you click on the different tabs).

Once you’ve found the necessary application, click on the colourful tab (5) under the applicant’s name.

Select the correct term (6).

Confirm by clicking OK (7).

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