How do I export applicant data using Table view?

Table view is a convenient tool for gathering applicant data. This tool enables to collect data specific to the default application fields.

In the left bar under “Applications” (1) pick “Tables” (2).

In the table view pick “New sheet” (3).

Choose a name for the new sheet and who can see it.

Click on “Create a new sheet”.

Pay attention to the filters!

Choose the academic term, intakes, regions, programmes, applications status and offer status (4) that applies to the applicants whose data you want to export.

NB! Click on “Save” (5). The “Save” button appears when you open a drop-down menu.

Click on the gear symbol (6) in the upper left corner of the table. Here you can choose which columns of data (7) the table shows. Note that you can scroll down. Click on “Save” (8) to see them displayed.

Click on the wrench symbol (9) in the upper right corner. In the drop down menu choose “Excel”. Download the table. You now have an Excel table with the desired applicant data.

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