How to add an extra field to an application form?

Extra question fields are a convenient way for formulating various questions, which are not among the preset fields under different application form sections. Extra questions can be easily accessed and managed under the Appforms submenu by using the “Manage extra fields” function.

Please make sure that you look for the article How can I edit application forms?, to get a broad sense of setting up the application forms.

Step 1

You can find the Extra fields under My institution menu in the Appforms (1) submenu by clicking on “Manage extra fields” (2) located at the top of the list of appforms you have in the system.

Step 2

A window with the full list of extra fields opens. These extra fields are divided into the categories of an application form. Determine the section where the new extra field should be added to, then click on “Add a new extra field” (2) under the category of choice (e.g. Career in this example). To edit an existing extra field, click on the tool icon (3) located at the right of the corresponding field.

Step 3

Select the type of the extra field, depending on the type/format of the question in the extra field. Look under the name of the type for the hints on the type of field it creates. Usually, Text or Paragraph types are used to enable simple text entries by the applicant. If you prefer a simple Yes/No answer, then pick Multiple choice as a type.

Step 4

Fill in the content of the extra field. The Name (1) should specify the question for the applicant. You will be able to copy the content marker (2) and use it in multiple Templates and Letterheads, so the applicant’s reply (“value”) will be copied to the designated spot. The instructions (3) are optional, but can include any other guidance to the applicant. When you are done, remember to Save changes (4). 

Step 5

NB! Keep in mind that the extra field has not yet been attached to any application forms after its creation. To do so, go to My institution menu and select the Appforms (1) submenu. Select the Appform you want to add the extra field to (2) and click on the name, you may also click on the tool icon (3), located at the right of the Appform.

 Step 6

Navigate to the category (4) of the extra field you just added and click on it (Career, as in the example above). Next click “World” (or other regions, if you have other territorial specifications). Fill in the checkbox (5) to the left of the new extra field, to activate the question in the application form. Optionally, make it mandatory (6). The newly added question would normally be in the very bottom of the available fields in the category. Save changes (7) when you are done.

All done!

You have now created a new extra field and activated it within an existing application form. You may proceed with testing it out by looking at the application form from the applicant view.

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