How to add a new agreement with partner university? Agreements submenu

Partner agreements allow to conveniently manage mobilities with the partner. Agreements reflect mobility arrangements, exchange programme contracts, joint programmes and other types of partnerships.

Essentially they are a way of managing and organising the cooperations that the applicants can then apply for. Having added an agreement and specified the details, the mobility will become available for the applicant. Additionally, agreements provide a way of managing the related contact persons, validity periods and reporting.

There are two ways to add an agreement with a partner university. One is from the Partners menu, and the other is from the Setting menu and Agreements submenu. This article only deals with the Agreements submenu, to see the Partners article, click HERE!


The Agreements submenu (1) is situated under the My institution menu tab. It’s a menu section where you can have an overview of all the agreements in your system. At the top of the page, you can choose the filters to perform a search to find a specific agreement. You can select the owner and the partner whose agreements you’d like to review (2) and below it, you can sort agreements by types (3) and validity (4). You can also search by the agreement name or other information you’ve added to the name tab previously (5). At the end, hit search (6).


Add new agreement

To add a new agreement, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Add a new agreement” button (7)

PS! Notice the validity period of the agreements! Make sure these are up to date, otherwise the agreements will be invalid and the courses inapplicable. These can be edited by clicking on the wrench sign, selecting Edit and changing the validity period dates as is appropriate according to the agreement.


“+ Add a new agreement” page:

1) Choose the direction of the agreement – bidirectional, incoming or outgoing (8). This will indicate whether the agreement is for incoming, outgoing or both types of studies

2) Choose the owner and the partner (9). The university that processes the applications should be the owner and the university on the other side of the agreement should be the partner. The arrow between the two indicates the direction of the agreement

3) From the drop-down menu, select the departments of this agreement (10)

4) In the “Please type in a name for the agreement” line (11), you can fill in whatever information is necessary for you – a contract number etc

5) Scroll down, and you’ll be able to select the type of the agreement (see below) (12)

Select the type of agreement (12), then click on ” Create a new agreement” (13)

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