How to add a new Kiosk?

A Kiosk is a convenient way of collecting applicant leads during fairs, training sessions and other events using an iPad or Android tablet. It will work even without a constant Internet connection.

Add a new kiosk.

  1. In the left bar look under “Marketing”.
  2. Pick “Kiosks”.
  3. In the Kiosks view click on “Add a new kiosk”. It is strongly recommended to create a separate Kiosk for each event in order to keep the data properly connected to specific events.

Name, tracker and code.

4. Pick a name for the Kiosk campaign.

5. Pick a name for the tracker associated with the Kiosk.

6. The activation code is needed for the iPad/Android app to start the Kiosk presentation.

Give this code to any employees that will be attending the fair, event etc. Do not give this code to applicants nor any other persons. The activation code is unique for each Kiosk campaign. In case you suspect the code has leaked, please generate a new code by clicking on “Generate a new code”.

Course types and welcome email.

7. Untick “All course types” to see the course types available. Pick the course types that are required for this particular Kiosk campaign.

8. Edit the welcome email to suit your needs.

Note that there are content markers in the default text. For example %applicant-NameFirst% will be replaced with the applicant’s actual name in an email that is sent out.

9. Click on “Save changes” to finalize.

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