How to Browse applicants?

The Browse applicants menu is the main tool for Advisors that allows you to find applicants with the Advisor’s unique tracking code.

1. Browse applicants (1) button allows you to see the applicants that have signed up with your tracking code.

2. You can filter the applicants by the academic year (2). Be sure to press reload (3).

3. The candidates are listed alphabetically (4).

4. On the candidate’s card you can see the courses they have applied for (5), they are listed according to the candidate’s priority. You can also see the tasks (6) that the candidate was assigned – see the which tasks are completed and which have not yet been completed. In addition to tasks, you can also see documents (7) that have been attached to the candidate’s application. NB! These are not documents the candidate has uploaded. They are uploaded by the university, f.e Offer letter. You can also see the candidate’s full application (8).

5. The card also shows the status of the candidate (9), (10).

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