How to contact your leads?

It is not unusual that an applicant finds a programme to apply for, initiates his/her application and then leaves the system without full completion of the application. As those applicants have already once showed interest towards studies at your institution, having them leave the application would waste potential and efforts put to international marketing.

Good news! DreamApply system keeps a keen eye on this type of applicants, who we call "leads". Moreover, it is possible to establish contact with the leads, by following a few simple steps.

Applicant progress

You will be able to track the applicants’ status in the Browse menu of your DreamApply system. The system categorises applicants according to their status, depending on how far they have reached in their application and how much time has passed since they last visited the system.

(1) Navigate to Applications-Browse on the left menu.

(2) Find Applicant progress on the middle menu and click on it – the menu will open up.

(3) Notice that there are multiple applicant progress statuses prior to the Submitted, Reopened or Resubmitted applications. Those applications are your target audience.

What do those statuses stand for?

Let’s have a closer look at the meaning behind the statuses:

1. Not applied yet: the applicant has registered on the system (created an account), but has not yet added any programmes, therefore the system hasn’t created an application.

2. Blank: the applicant has registered on the system, by entering their name, e-mail address and citizenship, got an applicant code and added a programme. Any data has not been inserted by the applicant and “Save” has not been pressed.

3. Prepare: these are applications that the applicant is actively working on, by filling in the data. The only difference between Blank and Prepare statuses is that data has been inserted and “Save” has been pressed.

4. Inactive: the application has not been revised (saved) for 2 weeks (i.e. no changes to the application for 2 weeks).

5. Blocked: the application could not be submitted by the applicant, due to either a blocking task or an application deadline. A blocking task means that one or more tasks are left in a status by a candidate, which prevents them from submitting the application before they edit the status. The applicant needs to log in and fix the task status and continue by clicking Submit again.

Find more on the Applicant progress statuses HERE.

How to send out a reminder notification to inactive applicants?

Great idea! A friendly reminder would likely be in place to those applicants, who have not made changes to the application in the system for 2 weeks.

It is possible to send an email to applicants in those categories. Hereby, we are interested in contacting the applicants in "Inactive" status to remind them to return to the system and finish their application, as the deadline for applications is approaching.

(1) Firstly, make sure that you have all the correct filters applied – the current academic term, and no previously applied limitations for programme selection. Click to Reload after you are done.

(2) Locate the "Inactive" status and click on it – the list of Inactive applications within the selected criteria (filter above) will be shown. You may go through the applications to make sure that you have applied the correct filters previously.

(3) Notice that there is an "Email to all" button. This will enable sending out a common email to the owners of all of the filtered "Inactive" applications. Click on it to compose a letter.

Composing an "Email to all" letter

Once you have filtered the correct pool of applicants, selected the progress status and clicked to Email all, a pop-up window will open to compose the content:

(1) You may select which address will be displayed in the "From" field of the email.

(2) Double check whether the number of the recipients is correct. You will also be able to Copy the emails to clipboard from here, if you want to send the email externally from DreamApply system. We recommend to send it from the system, so there will be a trace left behind in the system (applicants Inbox view).

(3) Insert text to Subject field.

(4) Compose the content. As this email will be sent to many, keep the content general and applicable to all.

(5) Click to Send the email. It may take some minutes, depending on the number of recipients.

All set!

You may also consider sending periodic emails to applicants under other statuses. We definitely recommend to keep an eye on those statuses, as not to miss out on potential candidates!

Email to all-approach may, of course, be used for other use cases, other than reminding Inactive users. Examples include notifications about upcoming events, webinars and other interesting or important notices.

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