How to create fees

Programmes/mobilities can have fees associated with them. These fees dont need to be created separately for each programme/mobility, the system can have a list of preconfigured fees ready to be added to a programme/mobility.

Step 1

From the left bar, under the My institution menu (1) you can select the Fees (2) submenu.

Step 2

You will be able to see all your existing fees (1) and their current usage (2), which refers to the programs their are associated with. When you click on the fee, you can see detailed information about the regions the fee applies to, the amount and currency for each region and the programs associated with the fee.   By clicking Assign to courses (3) you will be able to assign or unassign the fee without opening programmes one by one. See Step 5 for details.

To create the new fee you can select Add new fee (4) or you can choose to edit an existing fee by clicking on the tool icon (5) located on the right side of the corresponding fee.  

Step 3

A screen, like the one shown below, will be displayed. You can then enter information regarding name of the fee (1), some notes you wish to enter (2) which will be visible to you but not to the applicant. You can select the basis (3) on which the fee would apply, for example a Tuition fee set once per year. In Geographically set amounts, you may add the territories for whom the fee would apply by selecting Add a new territory (4), then selecting the type of currency that would be employed (5) and once the currency is selected, the amount can be set. Last but not least, don’t forget to Save changes (6).

Step 4

On the edit program window, scroll down to find the Fees section (1) and select the tool icon (2) to set up the fees you would like to enforce for that program. Select your fee from the drop down menu (3) and Save changes(4). If the requiered fee is not available, you can also create it by selecting Add a new fee (5) and you will be redirected to the edit fee window (shown in Step 4) where you can create the new fee.

Step 5

After you click on Assign to courses you can choose the programmes that should be attached to the specific fee when you click on the slider next to the programme (1). When the slider next to the programme is grey (1) – then the fee isn’t assigned to the programme. When the slider is blue (2) – then the fee is assigned to the programme. You can assign or unassign fees by clicking on the slider. You can undo the last action when you assigned a fee by accident by clicking undo (3).

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