How to edit the content of Main menu?

Main menu offers a possibility to highlight information and add links to pages outside the application page. If there is content added, it will be located conveniently on the left menu bar and is easily accessible for the applicants. This article gives an overview of how the content can be managed.

1. Browse Content – Main menu.

Once you have clicked on Main menu, you will see all Pages and Links created for the menu bar (if any). In the example, you can see a Heading and 3 Links following to that.

First click on the wrench-icon on the right side to the Heading/Link/Page and click Edit.

After clicking Edit, you will be able to change the content of the menu item. And change the type of the menu item into Heading, Page, Link or Draft, if you wish the item not to be visible. After you’re done editing, don’t forget to Save changes.

Note that you are able to edit the content, so that specific content would be visibile to specific regions. The variety of the regions depends on the activated language packs of the system (Settings-Translations).

3. Creating a Page on main menu.

After browsing Content-main menu, you will be guided to the page with all existing content. Start by typing in the name of the Page (1) and click on the icon next to it (2).

Following to that, locate the newly created name of the page, and click on the wrench-icon to the right of the name (1), and click  Edit (2).

Note that the Page is still a Draft (i.e. not visibile to the visitors until the type of the page is changed). Also note that to create a Heading, you need to fill in the text box justified to the left (3).

First you would need to change the type of the content (1) – we will create a new Page in the example. Proceed to changing the content of the Page created (3), change the title (2), edit the content and Save changes (4).

If you insert a link and would like it to open on a different tab, you can select the link icon and type _blank in the field Target, as shown below. This will open the link on a new tab.

4. Applicant view

A convenient way to having an overview of the content of the Main menu and seeing how it looks like for the applicant, is by using an Incognito window. You can use the keyboard shortcut and press Ctrl + Shift + N (Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) and + Shift + N (Mac) to open an incognito window when the browser is open.

See an example below, how the content is presented for the applicants.

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