How to give an administrator access to only a limited number of applicants?

The Superuser (assigned during setup) can adjust the rights of administrators. To do so, they have to be logged in to their account and follow these steps:

1) Scroll down the menu on the left hand side and select Settings

2) Select the submenu Administrators

3) Click on the wrench sign behind the detailsof the administrator whose permissions need to be adjusted, select Edit details

4) Click on the tab Limitations and make adequate changes

5) Click on the tab Permissions and make adequate changes

6) Save the changes!

To read more about how to give an administrator limited access to review applicants’ profile and give feedback, click HERE.

Scroll down the menu on the left hand side. Select Settings (1) and Administrators (2)

Find the name of the administrator whose permissions you wish to edit. Click on the wrench sign (3) behind their details. Select Edit details (4).

Click on the Limitations tab (5) and adjust as needed.

1) Here you can choose which reports, departments, institutions and regions the Administrator has access to (6)

2) You can choose to give the Administrator access to only certain flags by ticking the “Only access to applications with this flag” (7) box and assigning them a flag. In this case, only the applications with the flag will be visible to the Administrator. See more on flags HERE.

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