How to launch entry point tracking using Referrer domain?

Entry point tracking is useful for marketing purposes, when specifying how certain visitors of the DreamApply page should be handled. For example, it might be beneficial to track the visitors coming from a certain website (for example a study portal that you have a contract with) and sometimes even handle the visitor in a specific way, e.g. lead them to a specific landing page.

Following is an example of creating entry point tracking, when “clicks” coming from are especially interesting to us and therefore we wish to have an overview of the students who end up applying after coming from that website.

How does Referrer domain work?

There are two websites: Website A and Website B. Website A has a link to website B. Visitor clicks on the link to website B.

Website B gets a new visitor and asks: “Where are you coming from?”
Visitor: “From site A.”
Website B: “Ok. I will note it down.”

With this, one entry will be added to the entry count of Website A, which Website B measures.

Start by creating a Tracker

First, you would need to create a tracker to mark the applications.

1. Select Marketing tab.
2. Click on Trackers.

Overview of the existing trackers

3. Click on “Add a new tracker”

4. Create a short and distinctive name for the tracker – this will be shown on applicants’ profile later on. You can set special discounts and/or costs associated, if needed.

5. Enter notes for the description of the tracker.

6. Don’t forget to Save changes after you are done.

The tracker is ready to be used!

Using the tracker with a referrer domain

1. Click on Marketing – Entry points.

2. Add a new entry point.

3. Click to Register a referrer domain of a website, and enter the name – which is, because I want to track the visitors coming to DreamApply through a click on that website.

4. Click to Add a tracker code to the applicant coming through that website and select the existing tracker. The suitable tracker for me is EXAMPLESITE.

5. Save changes.


All set! Where can I have the overview?

The applicant who reached the DreamApply site by making a click on now has a tracker automatically added to the application.

Moreover, it is possible to monitor the applicants with the entry point tracking in the Reports’ section.

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