How to manage the status of your applications in EASY

An application has to pass several steps from the submission (by the student) till the admittance/rejection by the host institution and EASY can show you its updated status.

The different status of an application are called by EASY: “Offers and replies”.

1) How to see and react on the status of an application

Log-in in EASY, click on “Outgoing” or on “Incoming”, then on “Browse” and finally on “Offers and replies”.
Now you can see all the applications divided according to their status.
It is like a dresser with many drawers: one with the applications waiting for the nomination, one with the accepted applications, one with the rejected ones, etc.

These are the “drawers” with the different status of the applications:
– Waiting for nomination: the application was submitted but not yet nominated by the home institution.
– External was notified: the system sent an email to the home institution, in case it is external (not joining EASY) asking for the nomination of the student.
– OUT: Feedback: the application was checked by the office at the home institution.
– OUT: Sent to committee: the application was sent to the commission at the home institution to be approved.
– OUT: Rejected: the commission (see above) rejected the application.
– Nominated: the home institution approved the application and nominated the student.
– IN: Feedback: the host institution checked the application.
– IN: Sent to committee: the application was sent to the evaluation committee/teacher at the host institution to be evaluated.
– IN: Waitlisted: the host institution put the student in the waiting list.
– IN: Accepted: the host institution accepted the student.
– IN: Rejected: the host institution rejected the student.
– IN: Not considered: you can use this status when you want to ignore the application.

The system offers its users all the possible status of an application, but we do not necessarily have to use all of them; we can use the ones we need and ignore the others.

To change the status of an application and move it from a drawer to another one, you have to click on “Click to reply” (the colored button on the application).
A window opens that allows you to change the status of the application and update the student about the situation of his application.
The available status that you can change are different depending on whether the student is incoming or outgoing and depending on whether the home / host institution is internal or external.

After choosing the correct status, you have to save it clicking on “Save”. When you click on “Confirm & send out” an email is automatically sent to the student to update him about the situation of his application.

Close the window and go back to the application.
If you changed the status of the application, instead of “Click to reply” the new status of the application will appear.
If you clicked on “Save”, there will be a clock near the new status to remind you that you didn’t inform the student. If you clicked on “Confirm & resend” there will be no clock.
The system will move automatically the application into the box corresponding to the new status; if you want to move immediately the application, please click on “reload” to update the page.

2) How nominations are managed by the system

Do you remember when Erasmus students had to prepare paper applications? Each application had to be signed by the Erasmus coordinator at the home institution and had to be sent through the  Erasmus office, to guarantee that the application was approved by the home institution.

An on-line application system requires different ways to guarantee the approval by the home institution. This is why the “nomination” by the home institution is necessary: it replaces the signature on the application.

If both home and host institutions are EASY internal institutions: the home institution can change the status of the application from “Waiting for nominations” to “Nominated” (do you remember? Click on “Click to reply” and then on “Nominated”). The host institution sees that the status of the application changed into “Nominated” and starts its evaluation.

If the home institution is external and the host institution internal: after the application is submitted, the system sends automatically an email to the home institution asking for the nomination; if the home institution clicks on “Confirm the nomination”, the status of the application changes into “Nominated” and the system moves the application into the corrisponding “drawer”.

If the home institution is internal and the host institution is external: after the application is submitted, the system sends automatically an email to the host institution with the nomination for the student. Please note that the external host institution cannot see the application but only the nomination; the student has to apply according to the procedure requested by the host institution.

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