Managing general Task settings

It is possible to edit the general settings of each Task in the system, including:

  • The Title of the Task
  • The content description of the Task
  • Deadline for the applicant to complete the Task
  • Edit the statuses of the Task

Locate a task to be edited

  1. The full list of Tasks is available under System – Tasks.
  2. Choose a Task to be edited, by clicking on either the Class of the Task (1) or on the wrench-icon (2).

Edit the essentials

  • Title (1)

The title will be visible for the applicant, so choose this wisely.

  • Content (2)

Content table will enable to personalise the content of the task, however you may choose to select to manually type the content of the Task instructions.

  • Email (3)

It is possible to decide, whether the applicant will get a separate email notification about the Task. We recommend that this is applied only for the additional Tasks, which the applicant will get in the middle of the admission process (the follow-up tasks). Applying this for all Tasks which appear in the checklist in the beginning of the application might be a little too much.

  • Deadline (4)

If the deadline field is filled in, then the applicant will be notified that the Task must be completed in a specific number of days. You may leave this field empty, if a deadline should not be imposed.

  • Notes (5)

Use this field to leave DreamApply the logic of how the task should be imposed. For example, what should be the trigger, which will decide when the task will go out (e.g. the applicant submission, a given offer status etc.). It is important that DreamApply support is notified if you fill this field in and anticipate changes.


Below the general settings, it is possible to set the Statuses of the task. There is a separate article on managing the Statuses HERE.

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