Managing Tasks

Tasks are a central feature of admission processes. Tasks make up the Checklist items, which require the applicant’s attention in the process of application preparation. The tasks may carry informative meaning to the applicant, but they are also a way for the applicants to inform the admission about the status of their tasks in the admission process.

The Tasks have their own rules including:

  • What sort of options the applicant has, if any;
  • The time the tasks are sent out to the applicant;
  • Whether they have reminders or not
  • and many others.

Tasks may be managed in the system to a certain extent – this article gives the overview of what is already possible with Tasks.

Browse through the articles to find out about:

Edit with care!

Changes take effect immediately. Thus, consider changes carefully, because the logic behind existing tasks may be complex.

If you are about to make changes in the Tasks section for the first time, then we recommend to consult with DreamApply Support first (Skype ID: dreamapply or [email protected]).

The improvements to the Tasks/Checklists system are part of a larger strategy to bring the process building tools to the administration interface. At the moment, there are certain things in DreamApply that are prepared during a setup process and cannot be edited by the user. For example, when should an invoice be sent out and what items should appear to an applicant’s checklist and when exactly.

We intend to make most of those features easily accessible and empower advanced users of DreamApply to easily design their admission processes.

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