Under Applications > Rankings you can get a quick glance of the number of offers you have in each status. Left of the vertical line you can see statuses that are either still pending or have been eliminated entirely. The right side of the graph, however, represents the number of offers that are “positive” and hence count towards filling the quota. You can click on the “Ranking” button to quickly set a quota.

You can also send out mass offers using the Rankings tool.

1) Filter based on terms and programmes

2) Change type, mode filter to Department or Institution.

3) Click to set Ranking Scores, send mass offers or set quota.

4) View information as table or download.

Here you can set:

1) Ranking quota.

2) Ranking score.

3) Change ranking and ranking score visibility to applicant.

4) Send out mass-offers with a few clicks.

Send mass-offers with a few clicks

Click on “Send mass-offers” and tick the applicants whose offer you wish to change. Click “Continue”.

Follow on screen instructions and choose the new offer, review and confirm.

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