Setting up application forms

Application forms are a set of questions for different types of programmes that applicants need to fill in in order to apply for a programme.

Here’s how it works:

1) Go to My Institution > Appforms to see a list of Appforms, edit them, create new ones, manage extra fields (create custom appform questions), assign/unassign appforms to programmes

2) + Add a new appform Click on the + Add a new appform button to create a new appform. Follow the instructions below.

3) Import your own application forms

4) Check the number of programmes the Appform is assigned to

5) Manage extra fields and create custom appform questions

6) Assign/unassign Appforms to programmes  from one place

7) Click to edit existing Appform and view settings

App form options

When you click on the wrench symbol, you’ll get a choice of actions – edit details, see the list of usage, make a clone, export or delete. So, to copy an app form, make a clone first and then edit the new one as needed. In order to delete an application form, no programmes should be using it. You can export an application form in order to use it in another system or simply archive it for later use.

Editing app forms

Once you’ve chosen to edit the application form, you will be taken to the page pictured below. Here you can make all the necessary changes, preview the usage (1) and also export (2) the app form. Be sure to save changes (3) when you’re done! Click on “World” to open the list of appform questions under each section. Tick the boxes for question you want to see on appforms. Click mandatory to make the question mandatory. Untick to remove question from appform.

App form in programme view

If you take a look at the programme, where the full application form used to be, you’ll now see an option to add an application form from the Appform menu. What remains to be filled in under the programme is the specifics of this programme – the things that are not standardised.


When you click on the wrench sign, you’ll be introduced to a drop-down menu of all the existing application forms in your system. You can also choose to create a new application form here or from the Appform menu section. This will bring up a blank application form that you can edit and then add to programmes.

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