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Getting started

As a student, you have two ways of accessing your learning agreement:

1. Login with google: allows you to access the learning agreement using your google email account by entering and choosing to Login with Google.  There you can choose to create a new agreement or view your existing agreements.

2. Access an existing agreement: you will receive an email from your sending or receiving institution if they have created a learning agreement and issued a link for you to access the agreement. This works even if you do don’t have a gmail account.

Login with Google 

Creating a new agreement

If you need to create a new agreement, simply click on the + New agreement and you’ll be ready to start.

When you select the new agreement, click on I’m a student to start your agreement. Please note the Import from a file option refers to a .json file not a PDF file.

Access an existing learning agreement

If you are accessing an existing agreement via an email received from your coordinators, click on Click here to access the agreement.


Check your role

You will be signed in as student, if you are doing this procedure or any related changes with your coordinator, be sure to check the role and verify you are viewing the agreement from your account.

Parts of the agreement 

On the right hand side, you will see a menu like the one shown below. You can view when the agreement was originally created and when it was last modified and Save your changes when needed (1) . From this menu you have the option of Printing your agreement, downloading it as a PDF file or exporting to a .json file (2), viewing the history of modifications or deleting the agreement (3). You can also you to navigate through the agreement (4).

Top of the page 

On Top of the page, the information for your Sending and Receiving institutions should be filled in.  The contact person information (Coordinators) for each institution should be entered, this will allow notifications to be sent out to each of the relevant parties.

Before the mobility

In this section, you can enter your study plan by listing the courses you wish to participate in at the Receiving Institution and the courses that would be recognised at your sending institution. You can obtain these from the corresponding course catalogues.


Once you have entered your Study plan and are ready to sign the agreement, go to this section and add your signature. In this section you have three options that make it convenient to sign the agreement:

1. Sign using a touchscreen

2. Sign from your mobile device by scanning the QR code displayed when you select this option.

3. Upload your signature from a file.

Sign on a touchscreen

 Sign with your mobile device

 Use a scanned signature

Add the signature 

Remember to click Add my signature once you are done.

Signature and revisions

You will view your current signature and on the top, the account from which the signature was made. If the signature corresponds to past revisions you will see a message on the bottom of the field and you can click on See changes since then, to review the modifications since you last signed the agreement.

During the mobility

In this section it is possible to enter the changes to your study plan that occurred during your mobility.

After the mobility

Once you have finalised the mobility, you can enter your agreement and enter the information regarding your transcript of records from you exchange studies.


Notify your coordinators

When you have made modifications, you can notify your coordinators and they will receive an email to the address specified in the Contact person field. When changes are made to the agreement, all the participant will receive a notification email the next day which provides information about these modifications.

Status of notifications

You can view the status of notifications and signatures and you can also send out reminders (only one per day) if there are pending signatures and approval of the modifications.

Final document

Once the document is ready, you can Create the final document by selecting the Final document tab and later clicking on Create the final document. If any changes are made to the working copy, these won’t be included in the final document unless you re-create it.

Footnotes and additional help

If you have any doubts on how to fill a certain field, you can also click on the question mark sign located at the right of the field’s title or go to the footnotes to read more about it.


All done!

We hope this tutorial will help you clear any doubts regarding the use of dream-agreement and we wish you success in your upcoming mobility!


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