This feature allows you to create custom tables of applicant information. This tutorial gives you and overview of the Tables menu and the different option available.

Overview of tables

(1) Click on the different tabs to view your existing tables.

(2) click on New sheet to create a new one

(3) Filter according to your need and remember to save.

(4) Click on the tool icon to rename, share, print, export or delete your table.

(5) Click on the tool icon to add or remove columns.


Create a new sheet

Select the new sheet tab to create a new sheet. Select the sharing option that you prefer and the click on + Create new sheet.

Select custom columns

To select the columns you would like to see in the table, click on the tool icon located at the top left corner of the table. Tick the boxes to select the columns you need. Remember to click on Apply changes and Save.

Note! If you have any columns ticked under “Application: Offers” menu, then the table shows priorities. If no columns ticked there, then it shows applications.

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