Tutorial for faculty coordinator / academic supervisor.

This tutorial explains what steps you have to take when new applicants have been assigned to you and some tricks on how to best handle them. Please go through all the short articles that are linked from here.

1. Log in and change your password.

2. Get to know the main tools and subscribe to your specific journal.

3. Work process.

The work process for faculty coordinators / academic supervisors is fairly simple and straightforward (the links guide you to the same tutorials that are mentioned above):

  1. International/Admissions office gives you access for an applicant that is relevant for you and whose documents are alright, using the flag system.
  2. You receive an email about the new applicants that have been assigned to you (once a day, in the morning – see here).
  3. You check the applications of the applicants (accessing them from the Journal or Browse menu).
  4. You give the applicant an offer (“Accepted”, “Feedback”, “Failed”).
    1. In case of “Feedback” offer you will get an email notification from the Journal again if the applicant has re-submitted so you can go over it again.
    2. In case of “Accpeted” or “Failed” offer the International/Admissions Office will take over again.
  5. That’s it!:)

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