What are the differences between intake deadlines policy options?

There are four deadline policy options for how an intake manages applications that need to be submitted after the deadline:

1) Strict (enforce when adding choices) – This means that the “Apply now!” button will be inactive after the deadline, but anyone who has managed to press it will be allowed to finish their application.

2) Strict (enforce on 1st submission) – This means that the “Submit application” button will be inactive after the deadline. Therefore this is more strict than the previous mode- in addition to pressing the “Apply now!” button, the applicant also needs to fill in and submit the application before the deadline arrives. Any reopens and re-submissions are still allowed.

3) Flexible – This mode allows applicants to apply even after the deadline has passed, up until the commence date arrives and studies start. The deadline will change colour to red on expiry, but it is not actually enforced.

4) Rolling – This mode hides the deadline completely. After the intakes start date is reached, applicants can apply without deadline. Just make sure to update the academic term, once you want applicants to start applying to the next term.

The intake deadline policies can be selected on the intake editing page. This is located in the My institutions menu, Intakes submenu. Click on the tool icon behind an intake and select Edit details.

Click on the Deadlines tab from the middle menu, and you’ll be taken to the Deadlines policy selection. Select the suitable one and make sure to save the changes  to implement the policy.

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