What is a browse menu for academic supervisor?

Browse menu

Browse menu is one of the main tools of DreamApply for International/Admissions Office (but certain access rights might show a simpler version of it). This is a good place to have an overview of all the applicants and applications that are needing your attention.

Tools that are available for you:

  1. Browse is accessible from the left side menu under “Applications” and “Browse”.
  2. It has filters for year and intakes, different regions and programmes – first and possibly third are more relevant for you.
  3. If you change any filters you always have to click the “Reload” button as well to have the effect.
  4. The red rectangle marks the applicant overview.
  5. The green rectangle marks the application for a programme/mobility (if your system set-up allows, one applicant could have more than one application).
  6. Clicking on the name of the applicant “Fred Lovegood” opens up the applicant profile. Most relevant buttons for you on the applicant profile are the “View” button that shows you the application of the applicant so you can evaluate it and “Offer” status button (yellow “Click to reply” in this case) where you can give an offer for the applicant.

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