What is an applicant profile?

If you click on a name of an applicant anywhere in the system the applicant profile opens up in a modal window.

Applicant profile

Here you can see:

  1. “View” button opens up the application of the applicant – all the info they have filled in in the application form and uploaded documents.
  2. “Click to reply” – this is actually offer status indicator as well as a button and it changes its colour and text based on the offer (for example “Feedback”, “Accepted”, or “Failed”) given to the applicant.
  3. Applicant status – for you here should generally be just “Submitted” (when they have made their submission for evaluation), “Reopened” (when the application is opened to make changes, for example after your feedback), or “Resubmitted” (changes are done and application should be checked again).
  4. Programme/mobility name and type.
  5. Other data regarding the programme/mobility, most importantly the intake – “DEGREE – Spring intake” in this example.
  6. Flags – these are like “labels” that can be attached by the administrators, also they can be used to give access to faculty coordinators (so do not delete them, otherwise you would not see that applicant anymore).
  7. Other data connected to the applicant, only “Journal” might be some interest to you – that is a feed of all the things that have happened to this applicant over time (done by him/her or any of the administrators).
  8. Notes area that is not visible for applicant, but visible for other administrators. Can be used to write down anything that needs to be marked down regarding this particular applicant.
  9. Tracker is a marketing tool, showing from which campaign the applicant is coming from (if applicable).
  10. To close the modal window, you don’t need to find the “X” on the top right corner, just clicking anywhere out of it (in the dark area) closes it.

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