Why can’t I find the applicants in the Browse menu?

At the top of the Browse (2) submenu, you’ll see different filtering options (3), that open up when you click on them. While browsing applications with these filters, it’s important to keep in mind that once the filters are set and the “Reload” (4) button has been pressed, the system automatically saves the filtering settings for 48h or until logging out. This means that when a search is not bringing up the necessary results, make sure the unnecessary filters from previous searches are turned off either from the slide option (5) or ticked/unticked (6) as needed if the slide is activated.

1) Select the Applications (1) menu and the Browse (2) submenu

2) The filters (3) are located at the top of the page and open up when you click on them.

3) The filters are activated when the “Reload” (4) button is pressed. NB! The system saves these filtering settings until you change them again.

4) When you click on the intake (5) or regions filter (6), it opens up the filter settings. Use the slide (7) to activate or deactivate the filter.

5) If you activate the intake or region filter with the slide (8), you can tick and untick the specifications according to your needs (9).

6) The term (10) and the programmes filters (11) don’t have the slide option, just select the necessary specifications.

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