New DreamApply feature – add/ change/ delete programmes on application

We have wonderful news!! Many of you have requested a feature that would allow you to add and change programmes without signing in as the applicant. We have been working very hard to make this happen and today we are introducing a new feature that will allow you to do just that!

NEW: Add / edit / delete programmes on behalf of an applicant

How does it work? 

Find the student whose application you wish to modify. Click on “View” and select the option “Edit as an applicant”. Add, delete programmes or change the order as needed:

Applicants can now also easily change their citizenship

Applicants can now click on their name, on the upper right corner in the system and select Change my citizenship. This option will open up a page that allows them to change the citizenship in case needed.

The latest release also included several infrastructure and security improvements. If you want to find out more, please read the DreamApply release notes.

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